A Welcome from the Pastor

We thank you for visiting our web site and checking out who we are and what is happening at Lutheran Church of The Cross.

From the outside we look like a “garden-variety” church. On the inside you’ll find a community that strives to draw upon the rich traditions of Christianity while paying attention to the culture and context in which we exist. We believe that God’s unconditional and steadfast love embodied by Jesus is the source of our life and the path of our future. In this love we seek to be authentic, honest, patient, and forgiving. All are welcome, but even more, we want to know and share God’s love.

We are confident you will discover Lutheran Church of The Cross to be a vibrant community of faith with inspiring worship and wonderful opportunities for education, service and fellowship.

We hope you will make the decision to visit us in person and hopefully make LCC your new Church home.

Peace & Joy!
Pastor Joel


If you are thinking about joining with us for worship, please do! We are a friendly and welcoming community of faith made up of people with many different backgrounds, interests and perspectives who are united in Christ. You may attend worship in formal or casual attire, you may sing the hymns and songs or enjoy them in silence, you may participate in the Lord’s Supper as you so choose. We worship at 10am on Sunday and 6:30pm on Wednesday. We hope you decide to join us!

New Members

We welcome new members into our community of faith twice a year and new members participate in an orientation class. Please be in touch with the church office if you are interested in joining, or if you just have questions.