Music & Art

IMG_0992At LCC we believe that music is an integral part of how we worship. There is meaning and emotion in music that can enhance our worship experience and support the messages we receive each week. We draw on music not only from our hymnal, but also from popular/secular music and other liturgical sources.

We welcome and promote active participation in music from our congregation on any level, from singing along with the congregation during worship services to using their musical ability to help lead music in worship.


We offer several opportunities for members to participate in music leadership:


Worship Ensembles

LCC Choir

LCC Bell Choir

Youth Band

Special music for seasonal worship services


The LCC Worship, Arts and Environment (WAE) Team is responsible for some of the behind-the-scenes worship planning activities that help ensure our members’ worship experience is complete and meaningful. The team meets once a month to discuss and plan for upcoming events and seasonal changes.


Some of the WAE team’s responsibilities include:


Planning seasonal events

Sanctuary and environment design throughout the church year

Communion setup and sacrament preparation

Inventory management


Those who are interested in learning more about music in worship at LCC or offering their talents to assist with music leadership or the WAE team can contact Chad Svenby at or call our offices at 701-282-0514 for more information.